IA Bodyshop has a wide range of services to suit all your motoring needs.

We have highly trained and experienced technicians who are passionate about achieving the best results using their vast knowledge of vehicle body repair and latest repair methods.

We cover everything from Parking Sensor installs to FULL accident repairs and beyond.

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Services we provide

Accident Repair

IA Bodyshop covers every aspect of accident repair. Our team of highly skilled technicians are passionate about carrying out repairs to the highest of standards using our modern workshop and latest equipment.

Paintless Dent Removal

When your cars paintwork isn’t damaged, dents & creases can be manipulated from the panel as if it was never there at all! This repair process is cost effective and also reduces the time your vehicle is off the road for repairs.

Insurance Claims

Car accidents can be very distressing, we can provide a complete hassle free insurance repair service. It is the owner’s right to choose the repairer not the insurers! Here at IA Bodyshop we can even provide a free courtesy car and also offer to pay your policy excess! t&c apply

Parking Sensors

Parking your vehicle is one of the most difficult manoeuvres that you can experience on a daily basis. It can be extremely difficult if it’s a small space, dark or raining. Fitting parking sensors will greatly increase your confidence when parking. Our parking sensors look the same as the ones used by many vehicle manufacturers. We can paint to match your body colour and fully fit parking sensors most often for less than half the price of main dealers!.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Complete alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service. Whether your alloy wheels are kerbed, scratched, corroded or you just want to change the colour of your wheels we can offer a complete service

Non Fault Claims

Have you been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? IA Bodyshop can take care of every aspect of your repair ensuring you don’t lose your no claims bonus, no increase in premiums, no excess to pay and also like for like courtesy cars.

Glass Replacement

Cracked, chipped, scratched or smashed glass? If you need a replacement window or screen we can carry this out either at our fully equipped workshop or at a place convenient to you.

Non-Fault Service - Did you know?

If another motorist damages your vehicle and you claim through your Insurance company, you will lose your (NCB) No Claims Bonus and will have to pay an excess fee.
This will result in an increase in your Insurance Premium.

We don’t think so…

If you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident that wasn’t your fault, we can ensure that you do not have to pay any excess fees and that your (NCB) No Claims Bonus will not be affected! 

You will receive a ‘Like for Like’ replacement vehicle whilst your own is off the road and is being repaired. You will also retain your (NCB) No Claims Bonus and best of all, you won’t have to pay a penny!


Contact IA Bodyshop on 0141 551 0393 or visit our workshop.


We will contact the third party insurers and pass on the accident details


Once third party insurers authorise IA Bodyshop to repair your vehicle you will be given a book in date and relevant parts will be ordered and like for like courtesy car will be made available.


Our top of the range accident repair facility has the latest equipment, tools and skilled technicians to ensure your vehicle is returned to you as good as new.


As well as carrying out vehicle repairs we will also assist with personal injury compensation and recovering any losses you may have suffered as a result of the accident.


Our non fault service will NOT affect your own insurance renewal in years to come and you WILL NOT lose your (NCB) No Claims Bonus.
Our non fault service will NOT COST YOU as all expenses are recovered directly from the 3rd party insurers.
All costs and charges incured during the repair of your vehicle will be recovered directly from the insurer of the person at fault.
Because you haven’t contacted your insurance company to make a claim against your policy, your (NCB) No Claims Bonus WILL NOT be affected and you will not have to pay any excess fees.
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What to do after an accident?

After being involved in an accident note down a detailed description of what happened. Collecting as much information, photographs and notes whilst at the scene.


 Date, Time, Location, Weather Conditions, Traffic Conditions, Road Markings/Signs/Signals.


Contact details. Contact details of passengers or witnesses.


Make, Model, Registration & Colour of vehicles involved.


Description of damage to all vehicles involved as well as any property or people injured.

Contact IA Bodyshop for free advice on whether you need to claim on your own insurance policy or not. If you claim on your own policy we could pay your excess for you, or if the accident is not your fault you could pay nothing!